Diagnostic December:
Be honest with yourself and take a look at your form, your wods, your rounds, and most importantly your diet.

Form- how’s your R.O.M. Looking? What does the opening of your hips look like. Are your skwatz low enough? Be real with your self here. Keep your form at 80% or better in all wods. No excuses.

Wods- are you getting 1 round when everyone else is getting 7? Scale back and be fast but keep the form solid. Remember 80%

Rounds- do you hit full rounds? Missing a few reps here and there? Cut that out. Get 10/10 or 3/3. Hell if you keep shorting wods, 2 things: you will do burpees before you leave, before your next wod, and every time you get caught cutting reps. And 2 you aren’t getting the gains you should be, and you could be. So again be real with yourself. You aren’t fooling anyone.

I want to sit down with each of you individually and talk about your diet.

Now let’s have a kick ass month and get better. All of the above is said with love. You guys rock my socks.


Board bench,

In 7 minutes
Dead lifts 225/135


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