Rest Days:
Rest days are arguably the most important training days on our calendar. Three quick tips that I’ve been doing that have really reduced my soreness.

1. EAT!- just because you’re resting doesn’t mean your body isn’t. If you’ve taken your training seriously at all of the last few days you’ve done some serious damage to your muscles. Your body is working hard to repair them. Eat carbs. Roughly your body weight in carbs. Take in protein, chicken, shakes, whatever, just make sure you get 1.5g X body weight of protein in. Coconut oil and fish oil. Morning and night every day.

2. Mobility- this One is pretty simple. Your muscles are tight so stretch them, roll them, voodoo band them. whatever it takes to reduce some lactic acid buildup.

3. No Weights!- don’t touch a weight. Not even once. Don’t even look at it. Your body and your muscles are inflamed, Your joints are probably pretty pissed, and you are fatigued. Whether you think you are or not you have lactic acid buildup in the muscles. don’t risk of injury and work out seven days in a row. Take at least one rest day per week.


3×7 dead lifts
Build up to a heavy set of 7. Probably in the 80% range maybe higher

With a super friend (someone to count for us) we will do two heats.

Thrusters 95/65


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