Coach Dan Romigh

Dan Romigh, Owner & Head Coach

Dan has been involved in athletics as far back as he can remember. Playing flag-football since kindergarten, he thought he found the avenue he would take with his life. However during his first year playing football at the University of Findlay, he started losing his passion for football. Dan became interested in coaching CrossFit, and started to hone his focus onto becoming the best athlete possible.

But before he was interested in CrossFit, he didn’t really understand it. He was a critic, telling his dad that being the “fastest at working out” didn’t make any sense to him. Finally (and luckily), he decided join his dad at a “Pass the Boot” fundraiser at Spartan CrossFit. After “Fight Gone Bad” left him leaning into a ditch gasping for air, he was hooked.

In April of 2012, Dan completed his CrossFit Level 1 Certification. He started coaching 3 months later at CrossFit Findlay when he went off to school in Findlay, OH. At that time, he knew he was heading in the right direction. During the CrossFit Games Open, he realized he needed to be coaching CrossFit full-time. He decided to head back home to pursue his passion, and began coaching at Spartan CrossFit. With time, hard work, and dedication, he opened CrossFit Sanction where he is the owner and head coach.


Selina Paupert

I have always been “athletic,” playing sports throughout high school (though not very well) and developing a passion for running while a student at Michigan State. I love endurance training and began focusing on long distance races, ultimately completing several marathons and ultras. I began CrossFit in September 2013 and was instantly hooked. It provided new challenges and changed my view on health and fitness, opening my eyes to a whole new world. It has also led me to discover a truly awesome community and form several lasting friendships with some amazing people.

My goal as a coach is to help people become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves. I believe movement is a privilege and it should be both challenging and fun. I see training as a means of constant improvement that translates into daily life outside of the box; CrossFit is a method of building not only physical strength, but mental strength, too. There’s nothing better than watching someone accomplish something they never thought was possible!

I love burpees, heavy snatches, and hang power cleans. I dislike kettlebell swings with the fire of a thousand suns.

I also enjoy long walks on the beach during sunset and drinking pina coladas while getting caught in the rain. Kidding. But I do love sweet potato fries, trail running, cheap red wine, reading, and awkwardly dancing to Taylor Swift.