Advocare has done WONDERS for the performance of CrossFit Sanction staff. We fully believe that the Advocare products are what have boosted performance to the next level. Learn more about the products and how they can improve your performance and recovery. Have questions? Please contact us!

24 day- challenge: The first ten days are about cleansing your body of toxins and preparing for optimal nutrient absorption, and you may enjoy weight loss as well! Give your body the best tools you need to achieve your next weight management goal during days 11-24!  The 2nd phase is about dumping as much great supplementation into your cleansed system as possible.  Omega fatty acid, herbal blends specific to your goals and vitamins round out the supplementation.

Spark: This is something I take on a daily basis – it is my coffee. However, the benefits are much greater than coffee. The GABA works with your brain to enhance your mental focus.  The other 21 vitamins and minerals in the product bring you a much more natural energy without the 3pm crash that most coffee drinkers dread.

MNS C: For the longest time my appetite was out of control. I would snack on EVERYTHING in sight and it inhibited my weight loss; moreover, it hindered my performance and kept me from getting to the next level in training. MNS C helps to control your appetite. We also have a MNS E: which helps promote energy, and MNS 3, which is for general well being.

Catalyst: This will put a protective layer on your muscle so you don’t rip the muscle apart, instead you will destroy the fat around the muscle, making muscle growth, and ultimately strength, sky rocket.

Omega-Plex: One of the top rated fish oils on the market. This product ensures you are getting the correct amount of Omega-3. This product helps to support cardiovascular health.

O2 Gold: Bar none this is the one product I would never want to WOD without.  This stuff is amazing. With the unique blend of herbs it opens up your lungs so you can maximize oxygen intake.

Muscle Fuel: Love the energy from your pre-workout, but not the itchy face, legs, arms, etc. found in most over-the-counter pre-workout powders? This product uses D-Ribose which takes the glucose from your body fat and turns it to energy. This is my personal favorite pre-workout!

Muscle Strength: Lift like the hulk, with out the steroids… or green body. This product is what I have taken before all of my most recent PRs. It is a blend of herbs, and is informed-choice tested (it is free of banned substances).

NightTime Recovery: I do not enjoy training hard just to wake up in pain the next day. NightTime Recovery helps to solve this problem. It uses casin to deliver proteins to your muscle tissues to help rebuild faster and bigger.

Any questions on these products? Feel free to contact us at (517) 285-0917 or by email!